Top 10 countries to meet the beautiful women in Asia

Asian countries with the most beautiful women: What Asian country has the best-looking women? Here are top 10 countries to meet the most beautiful women in Asia.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of why Korean women are so beautiful, but some factors that may contribute include their natural beauty, cultural influences, and their strong independent spirit. Some Koreans also say that they are just as beautiful as any other woman – simply because they have the right combination of brains, looks, and character.

And, each woman is unique and should be respected for her own sake. However, some generalizations about Korean women might not be accurate or fair. For example, some people might say that all Korean women are beautiful because they wear make-up excessively or because they are models or actresses. This isn’t always the case – there are many different types of Korea’s female population and each one has her own unique look and personality.


There’s something special about the beauty of Indian women that has caught the attention of many people over the years. Some attribute this to their cultural background and their traditional dress, while others say it’s simply the result of good genes. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that these women are beautiful enough to be considered one of the world’s most beautiful Asian women.

There’s something about the way Indian women look that just makes people feel drawn to them, as if their faces and bodies are a work of art in and of themselves. Whether it’s their sultry gaze or striking features, these women are sure to turn heads when they’re out in public – whether they’re strutting down a street or simply walking down the block.

Some say that this decade-long fascination with India’s beautiful women is a result of the country’s spicy cuisine and many nights out with friends, but there could be more to it than that. With a growing middle class and increasing access to education for women, there is no doubt that Indian women are becoming more beautiful every day.

Vietnam – The Vietnamese Women

The Nguyen sisters are considered to be one of the most beautiful Asian women. They hail from Hanoi, Vietnam and have been featured on various media outlets for their incredible beauty and personality. Their faces are known for their high cheekbones, wide eyes and long eyelashes – all of which add some extra zing to their appearance.


There’s no denying that women in the Philippines are some of the most beautiful people on earth. From their sultry looks in high society events to their natural beauty, Filipino women are always making an impact.

From their bright eyes and honey-coloured skin to their curvaceous bodies, Filipino women are always stunning. And while they may not have the same Hollywood glamour as some of their counterparts abroad, they definitely have something special going for them.

That said, many Philippine women still face discrimination and prejudice when it comes to being beautiful. This is evident from comments made by men about how “not pretty enough” Filipina women are, to how some woman feel that because they are not as “gorgeous” as well-dressed Filipinas, they don’t deserve men’s attention.

Laos – The most beautiful Asian women

Laos is the smallest country in Asia. Beside it’s size the country has some of the world’s most stunning women. If you really love natural beauty, then Laos is the perfect place.

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